Hair Extension Trends



What are the latest hair trends in the fashion industry and the world of hair extensions?  This season, we see several trends on the runways that have influenced the hottest looks of the year.  With hair extensions, you can have the length and volume to create the latest styles.


  • 1960s RETRO FLIP:  Glamorous hair will always be in style.  The  retro 60s look can be easily achieved with the added fullness and volume created by professionally appplied hair extensions.  Then to style, use jumbo rollers to add more volume and height, and flip ends of hair outward instead of under. 
  • SOPHISTICATED PONYTAILS:  Ponytails are one of the hottest trends in hair.  If your hair lacks the length for a long sleek ponytail, then hair extensions are the answer. 
  • SIDE BRAIDS:  This soft, romantic look is a favorite.  If your hair lacks the thickness or length needed to create a soft, braid that can be worn to the side, you can achieve the length that you need with hair extensions. 
  • 1970s CHIC:  Long and ultra sleek hair is also a hot trend.  Hair extensions can instantly add length to your hair for modern glam and coveted style.